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It’s hard to believe that we’re already one month into rehearsal with two more solid months left to go!

Since early July the cast and crew of The Music Man have been working hard learning the music, choreography, blocking, and developing our characters as we slowly approach opening night (trust us, Sept. 24 will get here quicker than a three-rail billiard shot). But here we are in August and things are really starting to come together.

We finally have Greg Stone, who plays Harold Hill, at rehearsals now since closing Jesus Christ Superstar at Village Theatre last weekend. We all look forward to seeing what he does with the character and playing opposite the talented Megan Chenovick, who plays Marian Paroo.

So far we’ve been quickly learning the choreography for the large musical dance numbers as our choreographer, Stacy Poirier, is expecting the birth of her child any day now (as of this writing, the baby has not come yet. More news on that later!). It may be challenging for an 8 ½ month pregnant woman to choreograph a Broadway musical, but if anyone is up for the challenge, it would be Stacy.

The group musical numbers we’ve choreographed thus far include “Shipoopi,” “Marian the Librarian,” “Ya Got Trouble,” and “Seventy-Six Trombones.” We’ve also blocked “Iowa Stubborn” and “Wells Fargo Wagon,” two group numbers that require more frantic blocking (interpretation: “organized chaos”) than pure dancing. And don’t worry; the more intimate songs are also being worked on!

One difficulty we’ve encountered is blocking large dance numbers for two different stages. Kirkland Performance Center and McIntyre Hall are different sized stages, offering difficulty in making sure we don’t squeeze too many actors in too small a space. Thankfully we have an immensely talented cast who is undoubtedly up for the challenge.

Special thanks goes to Maple Leaf Evangelical Church for allowing us to rehearse in their building. Renting rehearsal space at professional theatres can cost an arm and a leg (not literally, but you get the picture!) and they are very gracious to let us into their home for the entire summer.

Thank you so much for reading our blog. Please check back for the latest news and developments regarding Lyric Light Opera’s The Music Man.